Vivier Peel

The Vivier Peel is an ideal chemical peel for a quick refresher. It exfoliates the different layers of the skin and has the considerable advantage of providing immediate benefits.
This is an excellent first treatment to ease yourself into cosmetic medicine. It rejuvenates the face as well as the cleavage, delivering even results.

Vivier Peel purpose and benefits

With its nutritionally-rich exfoliating formula, the Vivier Peel will give your skin a refreshed look and an even complexion.
Notable benefits include:

Due to its rapid completion and gentle properties, the Vivier Peel can be adapted to any lifestyle or schedule. It can be used periodically or in combination with other treatments to maximize their benefits. Moreover, it generally does not require any recovery time.

Vivier Peel technique

This chemical peel is a facial treatment that promotes cell renewal by micro-exfoliation, making the skin softer and smoother.
Your skin will instantly gain clarity and a radiant complexion.

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Number of
sessions required

Its immediate results make the Vivier Peel particularly flexible. It can be used just prior to a special occasion or at any other time considered appropriate.


The peel alone requires about 30 minutes. This duration can be extended to 45 minutes if the Vivier Peel is paired with technology that optimizes skin permeability.


Depending on the needs and expectations of our patients, session frequency can vary. Sessions can be repeated on a weekly, monthly or intermittent basis, if combined with a specific treatment plan.

Complementary treatments

As a chemical peel, Vivier Peel reaches its full potential when paired with a technology that promotes active ingredient absorption.
As such, Permea and Microdermabrasion treatments will complement it wonderfully and enhance its beneficial effects.
Additionally, the Vivier Peel itself serves as an ideal complement to any treatment plan that we offer.

Treatment cost

This treatment is available on an individual basis or in packages of 3 and 6 sessions.
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