Thermage treatment for sagging skin

Discover the benefits of our Thermage treatment, available in our aesthetic medicine clinic in the Montreal area.
This process uses radiofrequency energy, which enables the treatment and prevention of sagging skin. Essentially, thermal diffusion reduces the signs of aging by improving skin tone to harmonize and perfect facial lines and even bodily curves.
Many of our patients choose Thermage which, unlike surgery, is non-invasive, safe and generally does not involve any recovery. Opting for this process means choosing both preventive and curative treatment that will improve your skin quality while reducing the chances of having to resort to surgery in the years to come.
Radiofrequency skin treatment is a highly safe medical technique requiring the expertise of a skilled health professional who can adapt the process to every patient’s needs and expectations.

Thermage treatment purposes and benefits

Our clinic’s healthcare professionals use Thermage for certain specific applications:

  • Improving the oval facial structure by decreasing sagging skin on the chin and jawline;
  • Contributing to eye contour by reducing eyelid heaviness and raising the eyebrow slightly;
  • Preventing skin elasticity loss in the arms, abdomen and legs;
  • Refining buttocks curves;
  • Contributing to long and short-term skin elasticity loss prevention.

Thermage treatment technique

Thermage is an effective technology that has the advantage of being non-surgical. It uses radiofrequency that penetrates deep into the dermis to produce an increase in thermal energy. This stimulation promotes the growth of collagen cells. As such, this procedure enables the construction of a new collagen matrix which will induce cutaneous tissue tightening in the weeks and months following the session.

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Number of
sessions required

Unlike the majority of other procedures that sometimes require up to 10 sessions before achieving the desired result, this treatment has the advantage of producing visible results from the very first session.
The effect of Thermage is gradual and occurs within two to eight months of the procedure, depending on the time it takes to completely rebuild the collagen matrix.
The other advantage is that there is no restriction on exposure to sunlight. You can therefore receive the treatment at any time while being able to return to work the next day and completely resume your daily activities.


Thermage treatment duration varies between 90 to 120 minutes depending on the areas to be treated.


If necessary, one or more repeat treatments may be used to maintain or refine the results.

Complementary treatments

Certain treatments may be prescribed in addition to Thermage:

Treatment cost

Price varies depending on the surface area to be treated.
A financing program is available as part of your Thermage treatment.
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