Rosacea and couperose

Rosacea and couperose treatment options

Often mistaken for acne, or even a sign of alcoholism in certain extreme cases, rosacea is very common and can have significant psycho-affective consequences in those who suffer from it.

You can put your trust in Univers NuFace to help you combat this skin condition that can damage your self-esteem and tarnish your self-image.

Rediscover the beauty of your face and feel better about your skin.

Of vascular origin, rosacea and couperose are two stages of the same skin condition. This condition results in skin hypersensitivity as well as varying redness and can even lead to the appearance of pustules or significant skin thickening.

Univers NuFace offers a range of non-surgical and risk-free skin treatments that minimize the physical effects of rosacea and couperose.

Intense pulsed light treatment

Intense pulsed light is a relatively mild treatment that acts on different chromophores in order to even out the skin’s complexion. This treatment can correct various facial skin imperfections with its ability to be used at different levels of the dermis and epidermis.
Learn more about intense pulsed light treatment.

Fraxel Laser 1927

Fraxel 1927 laser treatment targets very precise areas of the skin and is designed to treat pigment spots and melasma. It stimulates the natural production of collagen and new cells that enable skin restoration in damaged areas.
It will reduce visible redness and, at times, recurrence of the condition.
Learn more about Fraxel laser rosacea treatment.

Le Jessner Peel

Jessner Peel treatment combines three active molecules with high levels of concentration. It penetrates deep within the skin to correct imperfections.
Lactic acid deeply exfoliates the skin while salicylic acid acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Resorcinol acts as a catalyst, potentiating the benefits of the two combined acids.
An ideal treatment for skin rashes, it will even out your complexion and get rid of residual redness.
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Univers NuFace: practical advice

While the exact causes of this skin condition have yet to be clearly identified, certain factors appear to play an important role in its contraction.

In addition to affecting persons with light skin and eyes, diet and thermal factors appear to be responsible for rosacea and couperose development.

Among the known factors, it has been proven that exposure to strong temperature variations (thermal shocks) promotes the development of rosacea. The same applies to thermal shocks resulting from other factors, such as spicy food consumption or the absorption of hot (or, on the contrary, very cold) drinks.

In the end, to avoid aggravating the condition, steer clear of abrupt temperature changes as much as possible, whether climatic or not. Also avoid overexposure to the sun, which is very harmful to the skin. Moreover, carefully choose the cosmetics you use. These can cause skin hypersensitivity and aggravate rosacea and couperose.

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