Non-surgical nose job

Univers NuFace non-surgical nose job

As a medico-aesthetic clinic, Univers NuFace offers a wide range of non-surgical solutions and treatments that will help you perfect your look and achieve your personal beauty standards.

The majority of bodily and facial imperfections can be corrected without the need for surgery. This also applies to rhinoplasty.

The nose is one of the most common body parts to undergo surgical operations due to its tendency to create complexes in many people. However, rhinoplasty does not necessarily require such invasive procedures.

Univers NuFace offers a safe and effective non-surgical nose job treatment option.

Dermal filler (hyaluronic acid)

Dermal filler is used to fix cosmetic defects caused by skin volume loss. The treatment uses the properties of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-present molecule in the body, to promote skin hydration as well as damaged tissue filling and renewal.
As the body ages, it produces a decreasing amount of certain substances that are important for tissue cell regeneration and hydration. This leads to certain deficiencies which can have unattractive cosmetic consequences, accentuating or creating skin imperfections.
Dermal fillers will help your body solve this problem in a safe and natural manner.
In the case of rhinoplasty, they will fill the tissues, reduce bumps and blemishes and minimize wrinkles, all while restructuring the parts of the nose you want corrected.

Learn more about dermal filler treatment as a non-surgical nose job.

Univers NuFace: practical advice

Dermal fillers let you avoid cartilage grafting when unnecessary.

As a continuously growing organ, the nose constantly changes shape over time. Dermal fillers are therefore an appropriate technique to treat the various bumps and imperfections that can appear without having to resort to surgery.

They will namely correct certain defects, such as:

– Asymmetry;
– Lack of definition;
– Low nose bridge;
– Drooping nose tip;
– Small raised bumps.

Ultimately, medical rhinoplasty is an effective and accommodating treatment to quickly improve the nose shape without surgery.

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