Micro Laser Peel treatment

The Micro Laser Peel (MLP) is a gentle and safe treatment. It consists of an extremely precise ablation of the superficial layers of the skin. This technique improves overall skin texture and gives it a younger and firmer appearance.

The method benefits from the erbium laser, which is more delicate than most other laser technologies, offering more safety and reducing the discomfort felt during and after treatment.

The procedure’s intensity is adapted to the nature of the skin condition and the expectations of our patients.

Micro Laser Peel purpose and benefits

Micro Laser Peel treatment is designed to improve the texture of the epidermis. It focuses on evening out skin complexion, giving it a more youthful and radiant appearance.
With the Micro Laser Peel, the depth of the laser beam can be calibrated according to need (from 8 to 12 microns), without requiring immediate recovery time.
It is mainly used in the case of:

  • Treatment of dilated pores;
  • Various treatments to improve skin texture (wrinkles, stretch marks);
  • Different treatments to improve complexion (scars, blemishes, etc.);
  • Treatment of varicose veins.

Following treatment, the superficial layers of the skin will peel for a few days to make room for a new skin layer. Benefits will be visible in the first week following the procedure. However, it takes a month for the collagen production process benefits to start showing.

Micro Laser Peel technique

The Micro Laser Peel uses erbium laser technology that releases heat to be absorbed by the skin, thereby stimulating collagen production and cell renewal. For the best results, it is suggested to unblock the pores using preliminary care.

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Number of
sessions required

You will notice immediate improvements in epidermal texture and tightness. However, constant supervision will be required to determine session frequency and whether other treatments could be beneficial in achieving your goals.


Including preparation, the Micro Laser Peel procedure has a duration of 30 minutes.

of benefits

For optimal results, we advise our patients to either repeat the Micro Laser Peel 3 times once a month, or use a complementary technology to maintain the benefits.

Complementary treatment

Intense Pulsed Light can be used in addition to the Micro Laser Peel to help improve skin texture, reduce undesirable blemishes and even out the complexion.

Micro Laser Peel treatment cost

The Micro Laser Peel procedure is available on an individual basis or in packages of 3 and 6 treatments.
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