Liposonix is ​​a non-surgical, non-invasive solution that effectively removes accumulations of unwanted fat. Treatment areas are precisely identified and definitively treated using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).

The heat that is generated produces a cellular alteration of the deep adipose tissue, while stimulating collagen production and tightening.

In our clinic in the greater Montreal area, the comfort of our patients is our main focus. In order to reduce the inconvenience that some of our treatments may cause and improve your experience, we offer various replacement options. This decision is at the discretion of you and your Univers Nuface clinician.

Liposonix goals and benefits

The main goal of Liposonix is ​​the elimination of body fat for a more defined, sculpted physique. This result can be achieved without scars, restrictions or contraindications.
The treatment enables, in particular:

  • The removal of adipose cellular debris;
  • Getting rid of “love handles”;
  • Accentuation and reshaping of the buttocks;
  • Refining the curve of the thighs;
  • Cellulite and “orange peel” reduction;
  • Stimulation of collagen production;
  • Increasing the tightening effect which helps prevent skin sagging;
  • The natural reduction of fats by the liver;
  • The treatment of any other accumulation of undesirable fat.

Liposonix technique

The heat generated by ultrasound can target up to 2.5 centimeters of body fat per session.
The results will progress over a period of 8 to 12 weeks before reaching their maximum effect after 3 months. This is the time needed for the body to naturally eliminate adipose cellular debris.

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Number of
sessions required

Depending on the patient’s receptivity to the treatment and the desired results, between 3 and 5 sessions spaced 6 to 12 weeks apart can be possible.


Treatment duration depends on the number of areas to be treated and the total surface area.

Maintenance of
treatment benefits

As with all body fat, lifestyle is a determining factor for the longevity of results. It is recommended to follow an adequate diet and maintain an active lifestyle.
At your request, we can recommend a number of specialists who can help you adopt a healthy routine.
In order to maintain the results, the treatment can also be repeated after 3 months.

Complementary treatments

Thermage can be combined with Liposonix to tone a treated area and improve results. Both procedures can be performed in the same day or at a subsequent appointment, depending on your availability and desires.
This combination helps refine the body’s curves by firming up the skin.


A thorough physical evaluation must be performed by our team in order to assess the appropriateness of the treatment and the patient’s eligibility.
Contact our Laval clinic to discover all the options available to you and their terms and to benefit from a free consultation with a member of our team.

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