Fraxel Laser Treatment – 1550 and 1927

This laser treatment offers two distinct technologies to alleviate unwanted signs of aging by improving both the appearance and overall quality of the skin. The two technologies can be used separately or merged into the same treatment according to the needs of the patient.

Fraxel Laser Treatment purpose and benefits

This treatment provides solutions to numerous medico-esthetic affections with its texturing and uniforming capabilities, in particular:

Fraxel Laser Treatment technique

Fraxel is a non-invasive laser technology using a device that divides a light beam into thousands of microscopic treatment areas that target a fraction of the skin at a time. The treatment acts both on the superficial and deeper layers of the dermis and epidermis.
Fraxel 1550 works deep down to improve skin texture.
Note: Following treatment, there may be skin inflammation that can persist for three to four days.
The Fraxel 1927 is designed to treat the superficial layers of the skin in order to eliminate pigment spots and melasma.
Note: The procedure may also be followed by inflammation, which is lighter than Fraxel 1550 but will cause your skin to peel for three to four days.
Fraxel laser treatment stimulates the natural production of collagen and the replacement of damaged surfaces with a new skin film, stimulating cell production and a new collagen matrix.
Water is the chromophore of the Fraxel wavelength. As such, it enables the treatment of all skin without limitation.

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 Number of
sessions required

Depending on the patient’s situation and response to treatment, 1 to 5 sessions may be required to achieve the desired results.


Total treatment duration is 1h30.
A topical anesthetic is applied one hour before the session begins and the laser procedure lasts for 30 minutes.


For the best results, we advise our patients either to repeat a Fraxel laser treatment once a year or to use a complementary technology to maintain the benefits.

Complimentary treatments

Clear & Brilliant and/or Permea make excellent combinations to maintain or improve the Fraxel laser treatment results.

Treatment cost

Fraxel laser treatment is offered on an individual basis or as a three-session package.
A funding program is available for this type of care. Contact our clinic in Laval to find out all the terms and conditions and to receive a free consultation with a member of our team.

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