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hair loss treatment

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Hair loss is not necessarily only a male problem. While men are more commonly affected, this condition can also affect women and have significant consequences.

In effect, this phenomenon often has a greater psychological impact on women due to its aesthetic consequences and the departure from traditional beauty standards that it represents.

Univers NuFace offers a platelet-rich plasma injection treatment to combat hair loss or alopecia.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

PRP treatment activates natural healing mechanisms, including the use of blood factors that increase regenerative cell division.
It stimulates the synthesis of collagen, a molecule that is naturally present in the body but progressively decreases in concentration with age. This eliminates certain deficiencies and as a result, helps repair and replace damaged cells.
When it comes to the scalp, the platelets help create a new tissue layer and activate hair follicle stem cells which then form new hair.

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Univers NuFace: practical advice

Whether progressive or gradual, hair loss is often followed by a psychological shock in women and, to a lesser extent, in men.
Hair loss (alopecia) is a natural phenomenon, regardless of sex. However, when it becomes a substantial problem, it is considered abnormal or “pathological”.
Physiologically, we lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs a day, but over the years hair growth cycles become shorter, causing an increase in hair follicle loss.
Alopecia is often linked to a hormonal imbalance that accelerates the hair life cycle and therefore hair aging. Men more commonly experience this, as the natural development of male hormones will cause this disruption. In the case of women, the phenomenon is, by contrast, linked to an unnatural disruption.
There are many causes of hair loss and they differ according to type:

  • Temporary and non-localized hair loss is generally the result of a “hormonal shock”, resulting, for example, from childbirth, voluntary termination of a pregnancy, contraceptive use or even high fever.
  • Long-term hair loss can have far heavier psychological causes. It often results from severe depression or chronic stress, as well as iron, magnesium and calcium deficiencies after intense dieting or even thyroid problems or diabetes.

There are some very simple methods to prevent hair loss and improve hair health.
Nutrition plays a key role in hair loss prevention. Therefore, adopt a diet rich in eggs, fish, green vegetables and other nutrients rich in trace elements, zinc and amino acids. Avoid brushing your hair too hard or using hair colour remover products. Finally, avoid washing hair too often as this will strip oils from your scalp and cause hair to fall out.

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