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Univers NuFace double chin treatment

A double chin refers to a build-up of fat underneath the chin connected to the upper neck area. It is particularly difficult to get rid of naturally due to its location, an area that is both very restricted and hard to target.

As a cosmetic medicine clinic, we are committed to supporting our patients in achieving their goals. As such, we offer a Belkyra treatment that can target fat accumulation and reduce a double chin.

Discover our Belkyra treatment, effective for combatting a double chin that has permanently settled in.


Belkyra is actually the name of an injectable deoxycholic acid. This molecule is naturally produced by the liver and acts as a biological detergent, targeting and eliminating fat stored by the body.

It promotes adipose tissue reduction and enables it to progressively metabolise. Therefore, once the fat cells have disappeared, the deoxycholic acid blocks the target area’s ability to store them.

The treatment will reduce the appearance of chin protrusion, while preventing your body from accumulating fat in the area.

Univers NuFace: practical advice

A double chin is the manifestation of progressive fat build-up and tissue deformation. It results from gradual weight gain and is often influenced by genetic history. The direct consequence of this is facial oval aging and deformation.

In children and adolescents, a double chin is almost always linked to excess weight and obesity. In effect, when gaining weight, the chin is one of the first areas to be affected and is particularly resistant to lowering the body mass index.

For adults, being overweight is not the only explanation. Essentially, as the body ages, it secretes a declining number of certain molecules like collagen and elastin. This decline induces a loss of skin elasticity which, when coupled with the loss of muscle tone, causes a double chin to appear.

While it is difficult to eliminate double chin fat, there are several facial exercises that will work the area.

Our faces are composed of over 50 muscles that we rarely use. Certain exercises will work them out and help combat your double chin. Here are some examples:

  • Open your mouth and push the lower jaw as far down as possible, you will quickly feel your muscles working;
  • Pronounce the letters X and O in turn, exaggerating the pronunciation and facial movements. This will engage and strengthen the cheek and chin muscles;
  • Pushing on the roof of your mouth with your tongue is also a great way to work the muscles under the chin.

To prevent the appearance of a double chin, especially for people with a genetic predisposition or a natural tendency to gain weight, we recommend paying close attention to your diet and lifestyle. Eat as balanced a diet as possible and practice regular physical activity. Additionally, avoid all foods that can cause water retention, including products containing excessive sugar or salt.

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