diVa laser treatment

Offered by Sciton, diVa laser treatment is by far the best technology dedicated to firming the private parts, ensuring that our patients’ results are as good as they expect.

Your private parts will regain their elasticity and a younger look. You will be able to see the benefits of diVa laser treatment from the very first sessions.

Purpose and benefits of diVa laser treatment

The main objective of diVa laser treatment is to non-surgically restore or improve the primary functions of vaginal tissue.

The treatment has many benefits:

  • It strengthens vaginal tissue for a healthier vaginal flora;
  • It helps limit incontinence and vaginal dryness;
  • It restores healthy lubrication;
  • It promotes better sexual health;
  • It is safe and suitable for all skin types;
  • There is no recovery time required;
  • It is not painful.

diVa laser is by far the treatment with the best results.

diVa laser treatment technique

The diVa laser stimulates blood flow in the treated areas, while promoting the production of several molecules that play a key role in hydration and cell renewal.

This treatment creates a new collagen and elastin matrix that will help make your vaginal walls healthier and more functional.

Its hybrid technology provides the ability to work with two different wavelengths, allowing treatment to be tailored to the circumstances and physical characteristics of each patient.

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Number of
sessions required

A preliminary consultation will be arranged with our nurse in order to personalize the treatment plan and adapt it to your needs and expectations.

We typically recommend a series of 3 sessions, each of which is 5 weeks apart.

Before starting the process, each patient must provide proof of a full gynaecological examination within the last 12 months to certify her eligibility for diVa laser treatment.


While the laser treatment lasts no longer than 5 minutes and is fully automated, the entire session, including the preparation time, will require 60 minutes.

Although the majority of patients do not report a discomfort that exceeds 3 on a scale of 10, a topical anesthetic cream will be used to minimize discomfort.

The patient will then be able to immediately go about her daily activities.


Following your treatment, it is recommended to avoid any vaginal penetration for a period of one week to avoid any risk of irritation.

It is also recommended to repeat the treatment every 6 months to maintain the results obtained.

Complementary treatments

Many patients combine diVa laser treatment with DivaTyte technology to reduce the size of the labia minora, without the need for surgical labiaplasty.


The diVa laser treatment is available in a 3-treatment package. A financial aid program can be used for this type of care.

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