Cleavage rejuvenation

Univers NuFace treatments: cleavage rejuvenation

The cleavage area is of great aesthetic importance for women. However, face care is often more popular since it is more widely known.

Cleavage is nevertheless prone to being harmed by external factors and the metabolism slowing down. Over the years, blemishes can appear, complexion can become uneven and the skin can wear down, revealing wrinkles and roughness.

As a medico-aesthetic clinic, Univers NuFace wants to support its patients in achieving their goals. As such, we offer a full range of non-surgical treatments and procedures in our Laval clinic to rejuvenate your cleavage and neckline according to your needs.

Fraxel Dual Laser

This treatment combines the benefits of two separate laser technologies, each with its own specific properties.

  • The Fraxel 1550 laser targets the deep layers of the dermis to improve skin texture and overall quality.
  • The Fraxel 1927 laser, on the other hand, targets the more superficial layers of the epidermis and is mainly used to reduce imperfections and pigment spots.

The treatment stimulates collagen production and helps replace damaged skin tissues. It will alleviate wrinkles, traumatic or acne scars and pigment spots, while improving skin texture and elasticity by creating a new collagen matrix.

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Thermage uses technology based on thermal waves transmitted by radiofrequency. These generate thermal energy in the deep layers of the dermis which stimulates collagen production and promotes the reconstruction of a new cell matrix.

Therefore, Thermage contributes to a reduced aging process and the alleviation of beauty problems that are linked to it. It improves skin tone and gives the skin a smoother and more harmonious appearance. It also prevents sagging, with results that continuously improve over weeks as the collagen matrix is ​​reconstructed.

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Intense pulsed light is a non-invasive treatment that aims to improve skin imperfections and even skin tone, whether for the face or the body. Due to the powerful light and the energy released, both the dermis and the epidermis can be reached without causing epithelial lesions. The synthesis of a new collagen matrix will result in a firming of the skin. This technology provides a safe session after which patients regain toned, firm skin that looks younger and more radiant.

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Univers NuFace : practical advice

As we age, metabolism slows down and struggles to sustain the everyday aggressions in our environment. Over time, blemishes appear, our complexion becomes uneven and skin starts to sag.

This natural process is inevitable; however, it is highly dependent on lifestyle. It is therefore possible to slow the process down by paying attention to your diet and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, which are sources of “oxidative stress” and generate substances called “free radicals” that attack cells responsible for skin structuring and renewal. The sun is also particularly harmful to skin health and amply contributes to skin aging. Choose a sunscreen with a high degree of protection and avoid overexposing yourself to the sun.

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