Clear & Brilliant and Permea treatments

This treatment involves a simple and affordable laser class that reduces visible and premature signs of aging by targeting a very precise segment of the epidermis. The procedure is at once gentle and safe and generally does not require any recovery time.
The target chromophore is absorbed by water, making it suitable for all skin types from the palest to darkest, without contraindications (types 1 to 6 on the Fitzpatrick scale).

Clear & Brilliant and Permea purposes and benefits

This procedure combines two laser technologies, both ideal to include in your skin care routine. Delicate and painless, they significantly reduce the premature signs of aging while enhancing the benefits of other treatments.
More specifically, the factors targeted by each of the technologies are:
Clear & Brilliant:


  • Pigment spots;
  • Skin dehydration: Permea refers to skin permeability. It increases the latter, promoting the absorption of various lotions and chemical peels such as the Jessner Peel or Vivier Peel. These peels can be combined with Permea treatment.

Clear & Brilliant and Permea technique

A delicate alternative to Fraxel Dual, this treatment has the same capacities for skin texturing and uniformity. It is a similar technology, only at a lower energy level. It will give you a radiant complexion, in addition to preventing signs of premature aging.
Short procedure time, controllable intensity level and immediate benefits make this treatment suitable to all lifestyles and any schedule. It also has the advantage of generally not requiring any recovery time, unlike some other treatments.

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Number of
sessions required

Following the initial treatment, the patient will see the benefits and can discuss with the doctor as needed to determine if an additional appointment is required. The procedure can be used as both a preventative and corrective measure.


The treatment lasts only 30 minutes, making it easy to integrate into any lifestyle and schedule.
Moreover, the only changes to appearance are the treatment benefits themselves, allowing patients to immediately resume their daily activities after the procedure.


The treatment can be repeated monthly for maintenance purposes, weekly for a precise correction or periodically as needed and if undesirable signs of aging appear.

Complementary treatments

The Clear & Brilliant and Permea duo makes an excellent combination with our chemical peels (Jessner Peel and Viver Peel), available in our Laval medical-aesthetic clinic. It promotes the penetration of their active ingredients.
Having similar properties to Fraxel 1550/1927, it can be used as an effective aftercare treatment for these procedures as well.


Available as a standalone or in packages of 3 and 6 treatments. It can be paired directly with a chemical peel to enhance its effects.
Contact our clinic to discover all available options and their details, as well to benefit from a free consultation with a member of our team.

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