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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, how can I get the most radiant skin of all? There are thousands of regenerating creams and lotions. Each of them promises the same thing: smoother, firmer skin in an instant, but are the results really apparent? As the holiday season approaches, everyone wants to present themselves in their best light. But how do we get there? Are creams enough? We give you some tips to get the most radiant skin possible.

Basic tips for more radiant skin

First, to have radiant skin, some basic tips apply. Sleep well and eat well. Nothing beats a good, restful sleep and a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals. Especially in winter, when the vitamin D you get from the sun’s rays becomes rare. Also avoid over-consuming coffee. The caffeine contained in your piping hot double espresso is a diuretic with strong dehydrating power. Overly dehydrated skin loses its elasticity and prevents you from looking your best. During the holidays, when visits with family and friends are more common, this isn’t really what we are looking for, is it?

An effective solution for healthier-looking skin that doesn’t come in a small jar

Sleep, rest, and a lot of water is good, but is it enough? How can you have the most radiant skin possible? The answer is not in your daily beauty ritual or in a small jar of cream. It comes from Hollywood. Currently, movie stars only have their sights set on one miracle treatment: the Jessner Peel.

Jessner Peel: non-invasive skin treatment for everyone

What exactly is the Jessner Peel? Jessner Peel is one of the most effective peels to remove the surface layers of the skin. No skin type can resist it. Whether it is damaged by the sun, affected by skin aging or hyperpigmented. Jessner Peel is particularly suitable for people suffering from facial acne, thick skin, discoloration and moderate wrinkles.

This treatment differs from creams and lotions by “deconstructing” the upper layer of the skin. This painless “deconstruction” produces an inflammatory response of the lower layers of the skin, which leads to improved hyperpigmentation and elasticity of the treated areas, as well as reduced scarring and wrinkles. The Jessner Peel treatment lasts 30 to 40 minutes and offers instant and long-lasting results.

Contact professionals to get effortless radiant skin

If you had ever wondered, you can indeed get radiant skin in a short period of time with minimal effort, thanks to the Jessner Peel. When used alongside your daily beauty routine, your skin will look radiant!

Would you like to treat yourself to radiant skin for the holidays or learn more about the Jessner Peel treatment? Contact us today and we will happily answer all your questions.

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