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What’s on your mind as summer approaches? The countless hours you spend in the gym perfecting your figure? Or maybe giving your summer wardrobe a makeover?

Losing weight for the bikini season and updating your wardrobe are essential, but there are other equally important things to consider: beauty treatments. Why, you ask? Well, no matter how fabulous your abs are or how chic your two-pieces look, it won’t do any good if they’re paired with, say, fuzzy, pale legs. Here are three beauty treatments to do before summer.

Spray tanning: a summer beauty treatment that restores complexion

Winter is very harsh on your complexion. This is normal, since the sun’s rays are less intense during the cold season. Moreover, 90% of our bodies spend their time under blankets and layers of clothing. The result: you quickly become as white as snow once summer passes.

As the warm weather sets in and we gradually abandon our multiple layers of clothing, it’s time to restore our complexion. Apart from the various skin complexion treatments offered in a medical-aesthetic clinic, there are several other options available to you. Some will simply choose to sunbathe gradually in nature while others will prefer to use self-tanning creams. However, the use of spray tanning is the only way to achieve a consistent complexion from head to toe. On the other hand, doing it yourself is risky. For the best results, go for a salon session every five to ten days and, for a radiant tan, exfoliate before you go.

Pedicures: pampering your toes after a harsh winter

When the warm season returns, not only summer reappears. Our toes do too. Many of you are looking forward to putting on your sandals. Like our arms and legs, our toes have spent most of the winter trapped in big boots to get through snow drifts and snow-covered streets. For a stunning look, pamper yourself a little and give your toes a proper pedicure. Professional pedicures make all the difference. They last longer than a home pedicure and give you more value for your money.

Hair in the summer: a trendy duo

For some time now, having longer hair has been trending. Men are wearing beards more than ever before and many women are choosing to embrace their hair. However, this trend is not widespread and laser hair removal remains very popular after the winter. For those who are looking for smooth skin without too much effort, this treatment is a must when preparing your skin for summer. Relatively painless, laser hair removal is intended to destroy hair follicles with heat. Once you start waxing regularly, the hair becomes softer and finer, making it easier to remove.

Since the best summer treatments aren’t found in small batches

Winter, the cold, the snow, all this is now behind us…. for only a few months. For a great summer, look your best. Go out, have fun and enjoy your best assets. After all, you are perfect as you are.

However, if you need a little help to stand out from the crowd, the three treatments mentioned above will help a great deal. For more information on additional treatments offered in a medical and aesthetic clinic, contact Univers NuFace.

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