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They say that beauty has no age. Today, they also say that it has no gender.

Whether you are a man or a woman, there are many aesthetic treatments available that can bring you closer to the ultimate beauty you desire. To this end, what are the aesthetic treatments most sought after by men?

Aesthetic treatments for hair loss are hugely popular with men

The most obvious one of all: hair loss treatment and prevention. Both men and women lose their hair. In the case of men, a good proportion already experience a thinning hairline as early as their thirties. Although it is “normal” in men, hair loss is never desired or sought after.

In order to counteract this, men often choose to undergo procedures that restore a healthy scalp. Effective treatments include platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Recently, Hollywood stars have strongly popularized this revolutionary treatment, which is also known as the “Vampire Lift”. But the PRP is not limited to the face. It can also be used to promote hair growth. This treatment uses blood factors to increase the division of certain regenerative cells. In addition, PRP stimulates collagen synthesis, which gradually decreases with age, to promote the repair and replacement of damaged cells, which in turn creates a new layer of tissue that activates stem cells from hair follicles, which then form new hair.

Gentlemen, say goodbye to excess abdominal fat

If men don’t like to lose their hair any more than women, they don’t want to carry excess fat on their bellies either. Some of the aesthetic treatments that men value most are those that remove subcutaneous fat from the belly. But what are these treatments that offer a more refined male figure? There are many of them. The most popular of these are Thermage and Liposonix. The first uses radiofrequency and thermal wave diffusion to reshape the body and reverse a loss of elasticity. The second uses high-energy ultrasound to alter deep adipose tissue and reduce body fat build-up.

An aesthetic treatment to fight acne

“Acne… Undesirable acne… Why do you afflict me?”. . Acne can leave permanent marks on the skin. It is no wonder then that men are increasingly turning to aesthetic treatments that can counteract its effects. Blue light treatment is one. This aims to reduce the growth of acne bacteria by decreasing the inflammation that causes sebum accumulation. Jessner Peel is another effective treatment that men use to fight acne. It restores a uniform and radiant complexion to the face.

Aesthetic treatments for men done by professionals

Ultimately, beauty really has no age or gender. If you are a man considering aesthetic treatment, contact Univers NuFace, your aesthetic medicine clinic. Our specialists in non-invasive aesthetic treatments will be pleased to help you find the right treatment for you

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