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Our blemish treatments for pigment spots

As a medical-aesthetic clinic, Univers NuFace offers a full range of non-surgical procedures and treatments to combat your imperfections without going through surgery.

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Blemishes or pigment spots, as the name suggests, appear in the form of small spots with a brown skin tone.

Although benign, once settled on the skin, they can permanently alter the radiance of your complexion. Commonly associated with old age, blemishes can damage the self-image of those who suffer from them.

Discover our range of treatments to effectively combat blemishes.

Intense pulsed light treatment

This non-invasive treatment is used to improve various skin imperfections that may be visible on the face or body. Without damaging the epidermis, intense pulsed light will act directly on melanin, the pigment responsible for colouration.

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Fraxel Laser 1927

Fraxel laser uses non-invasive laser technology that accurately targets the layers of the skin closest to the surface to treat imperfections. Designed to treat blemishes, it is an excellent alternative to surgery that does not involve any recovery time and can be adapted to any skin type.
It uses light energy that stimulates collagen production and strengthens the subcutaneous cells. It will smooth wrinkles and erase undesirable marks.

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Clear & Brilliant and Permea

Gentler than Fraxel laser, this treatment has the same texturing and uniforming capabilities to a lower degree, ensuring a safe and comfortable treatment. It will reduce imperfections and the excessive pigmentation responsible for blemishes, giving your skin a clearer and more radiant complexion.
Permea, for its part, combats skin dehydration and pigment spots.
The two combined technologies will promote the absorption of different lotions and/or chemical peels that can be used in some cases to complement the treatment.

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Univers NuFace: practical advice

Whether on the hands, face, shoulders or cleavage, blemishes can appear as we get older. They appear in the form of unsightly brown marks that can lastingly tarnish complexion. While often associated with old age, they are actually caused by overexposure to the sun. More precisely, they are manifested from pigment clusters rising to the surface of the skin and accumulating to form spots.

As explained above, blemishes are mainly due to repeated and intensive exposure to the sun (or artificial UV). As such, sunbathing without at least SPF 50 protection is not recommended. Even if pigment spots have already appeared on your skin, overexposure could accentuate the cosmetic effects.
In the case of beauty products, avoid scrubs and other astringent or skin-irritating products as much as possible.

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