Belkyra: the Univers NuFace double chin solution

Belkyra is an injectable deoxycholic acid. It is a molecule naturally produced by the liver’s bile ducts.
Subcutaneous fat, commonly referred to as a “double chin”, is known to be quite resistant to a decrease in body mass index, regardless of the means employed.
Deoxycholic acid acts as a biological detergent, enabling the elimination of stored fats through the body’s natural pathways.
It is especially suited for patients with a moderately sized double chin that want to avoid surgery.

Belkyra treatment purpose and benefits

Deoxycholic acid resorbs subcutaneous fat while giving the metabolism the means to fight its progressive accumulation. Once the targeted fat cells have disappeared, the body loses its ability to accumulate fat at that specific location.

The Belkyra procedure is recommended to permanently improve facial aesthetics by reducing the roundness associated with the “double chin” fat cells.

Belkyra treatment injection technique

The treatment includes a variable number of injections, depending on your anatomy and the area to be worked on.
The goal is to reduce the appearance of chin protrusion.

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Numbers of
sessions required

The number of sessions required to complete the treatment varies greatly depending on your anatomy and your desired results. This can range from 2 to 6 treatments, each of which is spaced 6 weeks apart.


A consultation is necessary to confirm treatment suitability and to ensure the patient’s eligibility. Subsequently, the procedure alone lasts approximately 45 minutes.


Since Belkyra prevents future fat cell storage, the results are expected to be permanent. However, significant weight gain could cause a further accumulation in other fat cells.
These will have the ability to store fat again, which will affect the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Complementary treatments

Following the Belkyra injection, two factors must be considered in order to obtain the desired facial profile.
First, the improvement of sagging skin, with the goal of defining the jawline and the neck, is an appropriate complement. Thermage is ideal for this purpose.
Next, correction of the naso-mandibular angle can be combined with the Belkyra treatment using hyaluronic acid injections (dermal filling).
Jawline reconstruction and anterior projection will make it possible to achieve the desired results and obtain a harmonious facial profile.

Treatment cost

An in-depth evaluation must be conducted by our team to ensure treatment suitability and the patient’s eligibility.
Contact our medical-aesthetic clinic in Laval to discover all the options available to you with their details, as well as to receive a free consultation with a member of our medical team.

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