Back acne treatments

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Univers NuFace back acne treatment

At Univers NuFace, we use our talent and expertise to ensure the well-being of our customers. Let our team help you get rid of back acne, a particularly troublesome skin condition that can hurt your self-image.

Back acne treatments

Harmless in most cases, acne can still leave lasting marks if not properly treated. In order to avoid any risk of scarring, Univers NuFace offers different back acne treatments and procedures. These do not involve any surgery and are therefore safe for your skin.

Blue light

Blue light is an antibacterial treatment, preventing the spread of acne-causing microbes. It works deep down to limit skin inflammations that are responsible for pimples emerging.

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Jessner Peel treatment

Jessner Peel treatment is a chemical peel that combines three active molecules, each with specific properties, and penetrates deep down to give your skin a smooth, clear complexion.
Lactic and salicylic acids act as exfoliating agents, evening out your complexion while reducing skin inflammation and the excess sebum that it generates. Resorcinol, on the other hand, acts as a catalyst by potentiating the effects of the two acids.

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Back acne causes, consequences and solutions

Acne results from an inflammation of the sebaceous glands located at hair roots. It results in excess sebum (comedones) formation and eventually becomes the site of bacterial growth that will give rise to acne.
Acne, whether on the back or the face, is a completely harmless skin condition affecting nearly 20% of the population. However, it can leave unremovable marks if not properly treated.
For your skin to remain healthy, it should be maintained daily. Do not pop your pimples yourself, as this can permanently damage your skin. Likewise, do not touch acne with dirty hands or you may promote and spread infections. If you have sensitive skin, avoid sun overexposure as much as possible, as it can be particularly harmful for your skin.
There is often a very close link between oily and acne-prone skin. Consequently, we recommend carefully studying the products you use and regularly washing your hair in moderation. Certain products can contribute to oily skin on your face and upper back.

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