Univers NuFace helps plan medical cosmetic treatments for international patients

Medical cosmetic treatments: Procedure for patients abroad

Do you live abroad? Univers NuFace helps you plan your stay to make it as accommodating as possible. With our solution specifically designed for clients abroad, you will be informed in advance of the nature of cosmetic treatments you will receive in our clinic. This will make it easier for you to organize your stay with us.

In order to properly evaluate the treatments you need, a simple but crucial procedure must be followed for us to have the necessary information.

Once initial contact has been made and some photos sent, we will together discuss the treatments that are necessary to best meet your expectations. All that is left to do is plan your visit to our Univers NuFace clinic.


First step:
e-mail consultation, photo evaluation and goal setting

In order to best accommodate our patients from abroad, the first step is to make contact via our e-mail address: [email protected]. Our team will help you plan the course of your care and establish the best approach to meet your needs.

For this purpose, you can inform us of your expectations of the final results and we invite you to share a series of recent photos, without makeup, taken from different angles:

  • An anterior view (showing the face)
  • Side views (showing the side profile)
  • A close focus if you feel the need (especially for facial conditions).

In order for a member of our team to assist you as much as possible, we would appreciate if you could share your preferred means of communication with us.

While phone consultations are the easiest and clearest way to communicate with our clients, we respect your preferences and are more than willing to exchange with you via e-mail.

It should be noted that any documents or photos received, as well as all communications with our patients, are strictly confidential in order to respect your identity and your privacy. They will only serve to evaluate which aesthetic treatment is most suitable for your needs.


Second step:
developing a cosmetic treatment plan

After receiving your application and photos, we will study your file and contact you for a brief consultation during which you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns in more detail, to clarify your expectations of treatment results and ask any questions you may have.

In a second communication, we will recommend a treatment plan developed by the medical team, as well as an estimate of the costs. Here we will attach the different financing options available to you.


Third step:
planning your visit

With all the information received, we will be able to discuss the best way to organize your stay around the recommended cosmetic treatment.

We will await your response to our proposals and once you are ready to proceed, we will determine the date of your consultation visit.

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