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At Univers NuFace, our talents and expertise are at the service of your well-being. You can trust our team with your face care, rediscover the beauty of your face with our acne treatments and feel good in your skin.

Acne can leave unalterable marks on your skin if left untreated. To avoid the risk of scarring, Univers NuFace team members offer various non-invasive treatments.

Blue light

Blue light is a gentle treatment that aims to reduce the spread of acne-causing bacteria, as well as combat deep down to significantly reduce skin inflammation responsible for sebum accumulation.
The treatment alters the genetic combination of bacteria responsible for acne and reduces its ability to reproduce. As such, the aesthetic discomforts associated with this skin condition will be alleviated, while limiting the risks of reinfection.

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Jessner Peel treatment

The Jessner Peel is a combination of three active molecules that penetrate deep down to give your face a radiant complexion.
Lactic and salicylic acids enable deep exfoliation and even out your complexion while reducing excess sebum as well as the inflammation responsible for it. Therefore, you will lastingly cleanse your skin while eliminating the pimples and other imperfections on your face.

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Univers NuFace: practical advice

Acne is the result of a simple inflammation of the sebaceous glands located at the hair roots. This affects nearly 20% of the population and results in the formation of comedones (excess sebum) which subsequently attract bacterial growth that gives rise to acne pimples.

Although harmless, acne can leave lasting marks if left untreated. Trust our team with your skin care and eliminate the imperfections that complicate your life.

Healthy skin requires daily maintenance. Avoid popping your pimples and touching your face with dirty hands, which can provoke or spread infections. Also, avoid sun exposure as much as possible; it can be very harmful, especially for sensitive areas with delicate skin. Washing your face and hair also helps significantly reduce acne manifestation.

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